The Descent

Danger is present and flashing its lights,

I would turn away, but it’s shining so bright,

And with one faulty step, it’s notices my presence,

And drags me closer, tangling me in its essence,

It launches me down into my rabbit hole,

Falling deeper than I ever wished to go,

My vision distorted by its dense fog,

and before I know it, I’ve become it’s dog,

It’s false and I know it, but now it’s to late,

And from my mouth fly darts of pure hate,

If only you found the right words to say,

To make this madness go away,

To break the spell it’s casted on me,

And for a moment, again, set me free.


Muffled sounds leaving your face,

A blanket of clouds gives me an embrace,

Your temper is shorter than my attention,

I don’t have the energy to answer your question,

As I float away from each lingering thought,

Each memory laid gently within my vault.


Piercing sound that raises the dead,

A heaviness that drowns me within the covers of my bed,

The darkness swallows me and swirls me in thoughts,

My mind sinks me further and against me it plots,

This sea that’s consumed me washes me ashore,

For a temporary breath to place my feet on the floor,

A grin for survival seems about right,

So change masks everything’s gonna be alright.

Patterns of the Heart

My heart is at first a curious thing,

Which entices until you give it a swing,

And all though it’s objective never changes,

your perspective of it will go through some phases,

At first it’s an engine with one tasks at hand,

To pump and to pump, just to meet the demand,

It doesn’t question, it doesn’t falter,

It’s mission to love, no one can alter

My heart is then a river that overflows,

Where under its surface no one knows,

What dwells beneath the rushing current,

What it keeps alive and doesn’t know it,

My heart becomes like an invasive weed,

That smoothers and tangles and won’t let you breath,

And it won’t be enough to trample over it with your boots,

It should be poisoned and pulled right from its roots,

And as you look down to this weed that’s crept through,

You’ll finally see the problem is you


Dear Monster

Written in Miami traffic

What am I feeling, I don’t even know.

There’s pain inside me that continues to grow.

But what is it really this pain that I feel?Nothing but neurotransmitters and synapses that I can’t reach to heal.

My head feels distorted I feel like a mess, and when people see me they think I just need some rest.

But I don’t know what to do anymore and this uneasiness is growing.

It’s so hard to keep going without it showing.

How do I hide it how do I Deceive u?

This pain is heavy and you’ve already seen the preview.

But it’s not just in me, I’m just not good at hiding it.

I see it in others and I don’t know how they fight it.

I’ve been as strong as I can be and I don’t know where to turn,

but to pills and to doctors and to see what other diplomas I can earn,

to keep me busy to keep my mind shut, because I just don’t know how, I just can’t figure out, how to get out of this rut.

When you see me grumpy or sad and like I just don’t want to talk,

just know that I use all my energy even just to walk,

with a smile on my face with a listening ear,

for my patients and family and for you my sweet dear.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful for the life ive been granted,

My insides just feel chaotic and running frantic.

I wish I could tell you why this is the case,

but the older I grow the more I see it in my face.

And the loneliness adds to this growing monster,

please teach me lord which way I can conquer,

My monster is with me wherever I go,

just watching and waiting for it’s time to glow,

And it’s power over me is overwhelmingly strong,

I feel like itll never go away and we’ll just have to get along.

But wait,

I think now I understand,

Maybe this isn’t the problem at hand,

Maybe it’s isn’t it’s death that I seek,

But to tame him and no longer allow him to speak,

its lies into my ears and it thoughts into my life,

Which fog my path and fill my life with strife,

I can do this, I know it, and not just for me.

My monster could seep it’s way into your life u see.

So I’ll tame him, for u, and for us, and for me.

I’ll tame this monster quietly besides me

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